Port Macquarie Chamber of Commerce

Stuart Goodfellow

Business Consultant, Regional Business Specialists

Stuart Goodfellow is a business consultant and published author who helps to build scalable and saleable businesses.  He has consulted to over one thousand owners, across a diverse range of businesses and, he adds, “…with an equally diverse range of business owners”.  He believes that many business owners have good businesses, but discover themselves in a ‘holding pattern’. Stuart helps them to find their way through, as masters of their industry, and unlock the potential within their business.  He steps them through a proven process to get their business back on track, exceeding goals that were once a dream, and ultimately setting the business up to sell.  He is determined to see businesses as thriving enterprises, by providing them with right business tools, tips and techniques in achieving their aim.  As a strong advocate of the local community, Stuart also provides voluntary consultancy to a number of local business community enterprises.

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